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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

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Again, not trying to say that any of this is impossible, just that a lot of it is going to be forgotten, at least for a decent amount of time while things calm down and some sort of order is created out of the destruction. And my main point was that we're less prepared for something like this than at any time I can think of, as we've pretty much moved from producers to consumers, and don't know how to make much of anything on our own anymore. We take it for granted that the supermarket or walmart just has these things. I'd starve to death trying to figure out something my great grandmother could have done in her spare time...
I think your point is well taken that most of us could not survive in a world as depicted on Revolution without electricity. However, never under estimate some individuals surivival instincts and adability.

I think it's far to say that after 15 years those stil left would have adapted to this new enivornment and either gained the skills to bake bread [using your example] from scratch or would have long since perished.

Also - those with the skills to break bread from scratch would be valuable members of any community and protected by those who could not.
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