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Re: Daredevil back to Marvel Studios?

Well it would be nice if the other "universes" could link up somehow. I mean right now Fox with the X-Men related properties has sorta soft rebooted. Spider-Man has completely rebooted. I know there was even a rumor that the Oscorp tower would make a "cameo" in Avengers and vice versa with Stark Tower.

I mean Marvel is still the company that created the characters and the universe. Sure Fox and Sony have the rights to the movies made with them, but they didn't create the characters and part of the beauty of Marvel is how it's more than simply a universe where like "Character A" is the main hero and "Character B" is the main hero in his universe and such. Spider-Man runs into the X-Men, Tony Stark knows Emma Frost. Matt Murdock represents other heroes in their civilian IDs.

It wouldn't be the first time other studios have collaborated on a property, so why not? I do love the idea of Matt Murdock showing up in Phase 2 as a lawyer who just happens to have a radar sense. Maybe even have some rumors of Daredevil come up in like a newspaper or news segment or something.
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