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Re: ROBOCOP remake finds its director and star

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Zombie Stan Winston is coming to shit in your heart.
The suit was bulkier and Weller hated it, the new suit looks much easier to move around in.
Looks can be deceiving, especially since it's, you know, a [i]prop[i] and not a functional robotic body.

All costumes, be there theatrical or motion picture, are designed first and foremost to look good. Ergonomics are secondary unless the suit puts the wearer in unnecessary harm. This is the reason that RDJ (and Welker) would wear as little of the suit as possible.

The only difference that time makes is what and how often they could get away with this; it's the difference between the motion-capture work for RDJ's limbs in IM/IM2/Avengers (see Samurai8472) and Weller having his legs hidden by the car doors in Robocop when he enters/exits the Taurus. Both films had and used full-body versions of the suits, but their use was determined by the requirements of the script.

In short, "modernity" is not an excuse for poor art design.

Except I liked the suit right away, and in fact, it IS less bulky, and we know suits like Iron Man and the new RObocop could not have been designed they way they are now, the bulkiness of the legs and joints of the first Robocop suit were apparent, and necessary because they couldn't do any better. From what I understand, the suit for Robocop 3 made in 1992-93 (a mere 5 years later)actually made improvements, its stands to reason the new suit would too. Material creation and fabrication have come a long why since the 80s.
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