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Re: October Art Challenge - The Horror Of It

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I was thinking something like Nightmare on "Carpenter Street". There's lots of obvious episode names like Barge of the Dead, Year of Hell, The Changing Face of Evil. I would be more impressed if someone chose a less obviously spooky title and came up with something just as horrific
Yeah, originally my thinking was there's plenty to work with title wise with the however many hundreds of hours worth of episodes there are. As you say, there's the obvious ones, and yes, I'd be more impressed if someone came up with something totally off the wall for "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" or "Imaginary Friend" than say, "Skin Of Evil" or "Night Terrors".

Hmmm....maybe I should've just said stick to the actual titles! LOL! I'm sure we could throw out plenty of names that, once you think about it, could be made into something creepy.
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