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Re: 15 Reasons JJ "Ruined & Destroyed" Star Trek


Gone was the techonbable, morality tales about what makes us human and canon. In its place we got ACTION, cheesy nostalgic one liners and a wafer thin plot, in other words, a movie for the modern casual audience.
For the ten billionth time, this is the difference between TV and movies, generally. Hasnt everyone noticed by now that a successful summer flick has got to be mainly action? With two hours to work with, how much time is there going to be to develop character or theme? Yes, it's a movie for the modern, casual audience. Every successful movie is. The alternative is to make a movie that is a financial failure, and drives a stake through Star Trek's heart.

The Star Trek with all that good character stuff and ideas is TV Trek. To have any hope of getting Trek back on TV, the next movie must be a hit, too. So go to the next movie ten times and tell everyone you know to go at least once. Give Bob Orci as much ammo as possible when he walks into Moonves office next summer for the pitch because it's going to be a tough sell even under the best conditions.

And even then, it will probably be animated.
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