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Re: 15 Reasons JJ "Ruined & Destroyed" Star Trek

Rainbow Dash wrote: View Post
See, I loved the movie, and still do, but I went in for similar reasons. I had been burned out on Star Trek, and my thoughts were "help me love Trek again". I came out of that theater feeling like a new fanboy, feeling the same way I did when TNG premiered (having been raised on TOS, I was thrilled to death when the promos ran). Trek was alive and relevant again!
Pretty much the same here.

I don't mind the alternate universe thing, and I don't mind all the flashy action sequences and all, but I really would like the sequels to take themselves a bit more seriously. Some of the best hours of old Trek have been childish, sure (ST IV still my favorite Trek movie), but some serious drama from now and then couldn't hurt.

Abrams didn't destroy Star Trek. He gave it new life, and as much as I still (and always will) prefer the old one, I'm anxious to see what JJ does next. When ST XI end credits rolled, the first thing on my mind was - "MORE!"
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