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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

^ Partially yeah. Partly due to lack of interest, this season is going nowhere fast. And also due to my local comic store. It pretty much never has anything I want in stock, I went today hoping to get the new Buffy- didn't have it. And to catch up the last issues of Spike and A&F, of which only A&F they had. I know I could ask the staff but the main guy is the most miserable man ever, and I've overheard him on more than one occasion slagging off BTVS, and there's always a slight smirk on him whenever I buy one of the comics, so I've decided really I'm just not gonna spend my money there anymore.
Thus it means going to the comic stores further away, which I'll only do once in a while and buy a few at a time.

But anyway, yeah I can't say the plots this Season are jazzing me, compared to say the days of early Season 8/Angel:ATF for example.
With 25 issues we're almost three fifths into it now, and I can't say tonnes of great stuff has happened so far.
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