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Star Trek TNG "Sierra-style" Adventure Game

Howdy everyone! I'm new to the Trek BBS but look forward to getting to meet some like minded nerds!

I've been working on a point-and-click TNG fan-game in the style of Sierra classics like "King's Quest" and I'm looking for folks who are interested in contributing to the project.

By combining background images from the STTNG Tech. Manual and various other gathered resources, there is now a decently walkable model of the NCC-1701-D loaded into an Adventure Game Studio project, along with all 7 senior staff and a generic male/female ensign characters.

Once the pathing and rooms for the ship have been completed, we'll be moving into the fun part of the project: storyline, puzzles, dialogue trees, new backgrounds/rooms/decks, music, sounds, fancying-up the graphics and animations, etc...

If this sounds like something you'd want to help with, let me know.

Here are a few screenshots:

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