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Re: Daredevil back to Marvel Studios?

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I mean he works out of a place called "Hell's Kitchen" I would THINK that it'd be pretty nasty down there.
That's the thing, though... when the comics began in the '60s, Hell's Kitchen was a neighborhood worthy of the name, but these days it's been pretty thoroughly cleaned up and gentrified, so its portrayal in Daredevil comics is something of an atavism. These days it's often just called Clinton or Midtown West.
I think that's why Joe Carnahan pitched his take on DD as a 70s-set blaxploitation style movie. To set it when Hell's Kitchen was, well, hellish!.
Yeah, when I wrote the novelization of the Ben Affleck movie, I spent an afternoon walking around "Hell's Kitchen," taking photos for research purposes, but I quickly realized that that Clinton in 2002 bore little resemblance to the place Frank Miller was writing back in the '80s, so I just copied the comics instead.
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