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Re: What would you have liked to have seen during the Dominion war?

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Some sort of self-determination negotiated for the Jem Hadar. The Vortas not so much since they were not physically dependent on the Dominion.
Wouldn't that violate the Prime Directive? As the Dominion is a foreign power, the Federation does not have the authority to enact political reform within their government. An armistice was signed at the war's conclusion, and the Dominion agreed to return to the Gamma Quadrant, but that's probably all that the Federation was able to arrange.

I agree that the Jem'Hadar deserved to be treated as sentient beings as opposed to slaves, but that decision rested with the Founders and the Vorta, not the Federation Council.

After all, if the Federation were able to convince the Founders to stop treating the Jem'Hadar like cannon fodder, wouldn't it make sense that they would do the same for the Remans?
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