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Re: Daredevil back to Marvel Studios?

Well I think in a way a Daredevil movie could work as a side movie to the ther main "Avengers" action. I mean really think about it, phase 2 is still pretty much Avengers focused. You would think that the Battle of New York would maybe inspire more people to put on a mask or a costume and do something. Sort of the kick start event. Daredevil's origin can remain intact, but maybe it's not until after the Battle that he decides to don a mask and use his radar sense and other abilities to help out the 'little people the Avengers can't be there for.'

Put a good actor in the role and you'd have a movie that I'm sure wouldn't be a 'tentpole' movie, could still do decently at the BO and help open the door for more street level supers. A Daredevil movie doing decently, would help make a Luke Cage and the Heros for Hire work better - because then you could establish that there ARE more heros around not just the Avengers. For all we know in the MCU there are some "myths" of other costumed characters, but either they're written off as utter BS, or publicity stunts for some "damned comic book movie" and we can see the subtle rise of the unaffiliated heroes.

I would actually kind of like to see Kurt Sutter write the Daredevil movie or at least consult on it. Have a good mesh of gritty action and gang war stuff, but a fair amount of humor and drama. I mean part of what made the Phase 1 Marvel movies so well recieved, was that they had a healthy dose of humor and just plain fun. So you can't get too gritty - but you can get maybe a hint more violent/gangland with Daredevil. I mean he works out of a place called "Hell's Kitchen" I would THINK that it'd be pretty nasty down there.

Even if they don't really use Kingpin - since I think he's better as a 'silent' enemy, ala the Mandarin with Iron Man - you sort of feel his presence but he's not really even shown. Granted they're doing the same with Osborn in ASM, but I don't think Kingpin really became an issue for DD until what? The late 70s?

So maybe have him fight mostly gang bangers and mobsters, maybe just to throw in a little reference to the comics, have a Stilt Man show up and promptly get beaten in like two minutes, could be the 'light hearted' part of the movie. Then of course some legal drama action.

Daredevil could really sort of Marvel Studio's Batman/Spider-Man property - the more urban avenger, that's also sort of an acrobatic wisecracking wiseguy. Since that IS kinda what he is too.
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