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Re: Paramount IP enforcement, has it hit any productions yet?

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I already called Mallory and will be posting any information I receive that will be useful to everyone.
That's fine, Alec. That can be your decision. But it's not going to be mine.
Well, some of us try and share as much as possible to help each other. I guess as an attorney I have a different view.

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There is a legal difference between taking donations before an actual production is done and making a profit selling a copywriten product. The later is a clear cut violation where as donations before production is harder to enforce because the funds could be going towards the production company needs (servers, rent etc.) and that doesn't expressly prove a copyright violation, even though the goal is to make a Star Trek product.
Exactly. Very well said.

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We've never had any communication with Paramount or CBS, though they are aware of us. I take that as a fairly positive sign.
You are an angel! :-)

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