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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

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I Why can't this series be set 3 years after the blackout, or 5 years. Why do we have this 15 year set number but it looks like nothing much as changed in terms of how old people are or what things look like? I mean I'm watching this show and I forget this is 15 years into the future. I really wish this was something the writers focused on in an episode because if you're going to set that as a backdrop, give us an explaination as to why and then set your story.
15 years make sense in order to make the children old enough to be adults and create the drama obviously to come with the mother why she's in collorbation with the militia.

You mean to tell me she walked across the country from Seattle to Buffalo and it looked like she had just walked around the block? Wouldn't a walk like that change someone. I mean give them a scratch or something, or show that they just walked for the last few months and the effects something like that has had on the person. I know it's a conceit that networks want attractive people on the show (CSI or NCIS anyone?) but it bothers me that things are looking too peachy clean.
Her long ass walk was kind of far fetched. Regarding being cleaned up after such a long walk that shit doesn't necessarily bother me.
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