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Re: Statistical Breakdown of Middle-Earth...

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I get tired of people using the Silmarillion in comparison to LotR,
The Silmarillion reads a bit like a prose compilation of myths or legends, and not at all like a modern novel. In that sense it's closer to the Prose Edda or the Bible then it is to a more regular work of fiction. It's still one of the more interesting genre books I've read and a testament to the depth of Tolkein's imagination.

I mean, yeah, I can get people not liking the Silmarillion because of its approach to content, or considering it a lousy book generally. But suggesting we don't dislike it simply because we're not being honest about it is a little disengenuous.

This said:
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Some of the women that are featured in the stories are very strong characters, for the times. LOTR was published during the 50's, when women were expected to be housewives and mothers.
The 1950s were a different time, but they were not somehow so different that Tolkein is in any way progressive, and stories with warrior women have been written literally for centuries prior to Tolkein. And frankly the only female character worth mentioning either way is Eowyn, as the rest have very little to no development.
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