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Re: exterior surface markings of Kirk's Enterprise

And from where do you think does the TOS Enterprise launch satellites and probes?
Outside the TOS-R references, I'd think all ejection functions would be clustered near the shuttle facilities, save for things that can be fired from torpedo tubes. The TOS-R approach to the ion pod thus appeals to me a lot.

The visuals of "Operation: Annihilate!" do show the somewhat unlikely hinges at work with the yellow circle. So, quite possibly a cargo bay access hatch, marked because it has a high risk of opening at your face when you least expect - and because the stevedores need to be able to easily locate this door. But the alternate explanation might be that the cavernous cargo hold seen in ST:TMP is already a fixture of the TOS ship, and is the easiest way to move bulky items close to the warp power systems in both vessels. The TMP version just omits the dedicated ventral loading port, while the TOS vessel has physical partitions between the hold and the shuttle flight deck and dedicates a ventral hatch to bulky cargo transfer. Items taken from the ship's stores would then be deployed into space via different routes in the two ships, and only in the TOS ship would this coincide with the antimatter loading and ejection route.

Remember that when Probert was forced to include the cavernous cargo hold in the TMP design, he postulated a second cargo floor that would slide in place above the one witnessed (the set floor) to provide mode area for securing further containers. Quite possibly, the floor we saw (the set floor) could have been a sliding one as well, then, giving access to deeper levels that would eventually lead to the ventral hold door in the TOS ship. In the refit, the lowermost of those spaces would have been appropriated for other uses, including the supposed arboretum beneath the hold.

Yes, but the disruptor hits of the Klingon scout do visibly impact on the underside of the saucer hull, not the engineering hull.
What is problematic about that? That's where Decks 10 and 11 could well be found, and where antimatter pods have every excuse of residing.

I consider anything that comes from Franz Joseph Schnaubelt [..] unremarkable
Agreed, in fact. But FJ influenced subsequent Trek thinking a lot, and torpedo launchers located beneath the bridge of a TOS era starship are a common fixture in leading fan works. Since Kirk's ship is credited with at least six forward torpedo tubes, it might not be a bad idea to allow a few of these in the dorsal parts of the saucer, lest the ventral parts become too congested.

the Enterprise should have sensing and scanning capabilities loacated at the underside of the saucer when orbiting over a planet
To be fair, the ship almost invariably orbits with one flank (port, unless in the mirror universe) pointed to the planet, not the underside.

...Which might mean that sensors located in the ventral concavity of the saucer might need to be mechanically deployed to get a good view to the side. Another excuse for hinged panels there?

To me it appears to be a cover panel that has been cut to fit near the support pylons.
True enough - but in that case, why does the red line not go all the way around the panel along the cut, but terminates at the pylon? The red line then fails to comprehensively mark "hatch opens here", that is, it only highlights part of the opening seam.

My understanding of radiation emission is that it would emanate in a circular, not rectangular fashion.
If it came from a point source, then probably so. But red lines indicating areas of dangerous radiation today aren't "isorads" carefully following the contours of radiation intensity. They are simplified lines indicating "if you stay at least this far, you are assuredly safe; inside the red line, it gets more complex".

Radiation from a source inside the ship would probably best be described as conical; a red line marking the "exit area" would help keep spacewalkers safe, whereas spacecraft at greater distances would have to fend for themselves.

My concern is that the TMP cargo containers (converted into roof covers by Khan and company on Ceti Alpha V) are too tall to fit on the transporter platform (the transporter room door is no issue if the background wall of the transporter platform is just a partition).
Indeed, one would see a need for bulk transporters of various designs, ranging from the early TNG style "bus stop" units to simple and unobstructed floor-integrated units akin to the one from "Code of Honor" and coming in all sizes. The unit from "Dagger of the Mind" would just happen to fit the criteria of cargo transporter in many ways, and could handle all the smaller container props frequently seen in the TNG era shows and on some movies.

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