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Re: does a starfleet ship always have a CO with the rank of captain?

I was actually kind of confused when "Colonel" West appeared in Undiscovered Country, wearing what appeared to be a full Admiral's rank insignia (probably should have been referred to as a general, or else wearing a Starfleet captain's insignia) and nothing else to designate that he was a member of some unknown branch of Starfleet Marines. But I was in the minority. I went to see this movie with a bunch of friends from college and nobody else noticed the anomalous rank grade, nor did they really seem to care.

So, in this case, the reverse of expected confusion happened - non-fans watched and enjoyed the movie without issue and a fan (me) was confused by something thrown into the mix by an overzealous costuming department that didn't track with what I already knew was Fletcher's insignia guidelines.
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