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Re: Statistical Breakdown of Middle-Earth...

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You need to be able to step back and look with more critical eyes. It's not for no reason that the Silmarillion is a little-known postscript to LotR, except for a few misty-eyed diehards who think everything the great man wrote is great.

Whether anyone thinks it's great or not is irrelevant. The work describes a different age in the same world. You may not find the Silmarillion to be interesting personally, but it's just as relevant in terms of giving background to Middle Earth as the TNG Technical Manual is to fleshing out aspects of the Enterprise-D and other Treknology.

Why are you so intent on discounting it?
For those determined to contort yourselves into knots so as to include every minor production flub as gospel, and shoehorn it into "cannnonnnnn": STOP. I don't have all day to waste on here; I quite like enjoying real life thankyouverymuch.
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