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Re: Can you raise only one eyebrow?

I'm left-handed and can write with my right hand in an emergency, but that handwriting is even worse than my left-handed writing. However I use my right hand for many other tasks, such as dialling on a phone. I'm the youngest of four children and the only left-hander, so I wonder if I learned to use my right hand for many tasks because that's what I saw my brothers do. I only write with my left hand, and also use just my left hand for crocheting and when using knives, but for the rest I'm comfortable using either hand. As an aside, I'm unable to use left-handed scissors because I've only ever used right-handed ones. It never entered my mother's mind to buy me left-handed kiddie scissors, because when she was a child the priests and nuns literally smacked the left-handedness out of kids, so she didn't even know such scissors existed.
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