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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Blaze of Glory (***)

Remember back when Cardassia joined the Dominion and they wiped out the Maquis in a brutal slaughter that shamed the Federation due to its inaction? That was a great episode, wasn't it? It's a shame that they didn't include it on the DVDs because of the explicit sex scenes, that was a really bad call by Ira Behr in hindsight.

The Maquis always seemed like an afterthought on DS9, there was a lot of potential for great stories involving them but DS9 instead chose to focus on the Dominion and the Klingons, and the Maquis got relegated to one or two episodes per season. So it's fitting that their final episode is also a bit of an afterthought, coming several months after their destruction. And the episode's main focus isn't even the Maquis, but the animosity that exists between Sisko and Eddington, an animosity that largely happened off-screen. The irony is that Eddington gets a strong finish to his character-arc even though it barely even had a beginning or middle.

It's also a little strange that the entire plot for this episode is based on Sisko's desperation to prevent a war that I know he is going to start anyway. The stakes have never been so inconsequential. The episode still works as a character piece, and the ending is reasonably effective in reminding us that the Maquis were just people that deserved better than to be annihilated by the Jem'Hadar. But it does get a bit tiresome hearing Eddington repeatedly threaten to kill Sisko.

Meanwhile, Nog goes all racist and looks for opportunities to bully the Klingons. It's an okay comedic plot, but someone needed to tell Nog that using his authority as a security officer to single out a specific species for committing minor infractions isn't a good idea.

Also, Odo and Kira seem to have gotten past their awkwardness from the previous episode, so they probably wont be avoiding one another and having a big discussion in the coming weeks.
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