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Re: Doctor Who: Who is the Doctor?

12. The Doctor's Daughter
General Cobb
Who is this mysterious 'Doctor'? Is he working with the Hath? How is it that a soldier cloned from him could turn against us? The person who he was with doesn't seem to know him very well either. Who are you Doctor that your companions do not know what is down inside?

13. The Poison Sky
General Staal
I look at the Doctor as he makes his ultimatum. "Give up or be destroyed" he says. Who are you Doctor that you would sacrifice yourself for the Earth?

14. The Planet of the Ood
Ood Sigma
I look at the Doctor as he and Donna go into the blue box. I wonder who he is that he travels so far and wide. Stories about him form a song throughout the history of the galaxies, and yet the stories do not tell who he is. Who are you Doctor?

15. The Fires of Pompeii

I watch as the Doctor's Temple-Ship disappears as mysteriously as it appeared in our house down in the doomed city. Who is he that he travels about in such a magical thing? Why does he travel? What motivates him? What I sensed earlier before the eruption was layers and layers of mystery. What are those mysteries, Doctor? What are they hiding?

16. Partners in Crime
Miss Foster
Who are you Doctor, to be meddling in the Adipose's business? What is your motivation for this? Why are you protecting this planet? Who are you?

17. Voyage of the Damned
The Doctor. He is wonderful. But who is he? How is it that he is able to help us in this situation? What motivates him? And more importantly, what is he running from?

18. 42
Kath McDonnell
Who are you Doctor? How did you appear on our ship while it is falling into a star? What do you know of what is affecting Korwin? How do you know that he is gone? And most importantly; why are you here?

19. The Lazarus Experiment
Tish Jones
Who is this 'Doctor' person who Martha has become involved with? How is it that Martha has fallen under his spell as it were? How did he know how to defeat Professor Lazarus? What sort of things has Mum been told? Who are you Doctor?

20. Evolution of the Daleks

Dalek Sec
Who is the Doctor? What is his motivation that he has always opposed the plans of the Daleks? How is it that he continues to travel after loosing Gallifrey? Who are you Doctor?

21. Planet of the Dead
Christina de Souza
As I look back at London as I fly away I reflect on the unexpected adventure on the other planet. I wonder why the Doctor did not let me join him. Is it because of what I do? Or is it because he doesn't want anyone travelling with him? Has he lost anyone? I think he is lonely and needs someone to be travelling with him. But why doesn't he know this? Is it because he has lost someone who meant a great deal to him? Someone he loved? If so, what was the circumstance? Why do you want to be alone Doctor?
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