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Re: 15 Reasons JJ "Ruined & Destroyed" Star Trek

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I'm still waiting for the three hours of bonus scenes in which "characters stand around debating the merits of saving the Andorian Ambassador from the surface of Cylax Four until you just wish everyone was dead."
That's every TRUE Star Trek fan's favorite part.

I think this 'Star Trek fan' is the one that William Shatner was talking directly to in that infamous SNL skit when he said "Get a life!"

Seriously, this guy has apparently been stewing over what he didn't like about the movie for over three years now? And he just finally posts this drivel to the internet?
Not only just now posts it on the 'net, but it passes for a "headline" regarding 'Trek. Enough so, ever Trek board and fansite out there--it seems--is reporting on it

I used to dislike the '09 movie with a passion. Had issues with trying to make it all work in "canon" and all that old noise. Still don't like the Engine Room set. But you know what, I actually enjoy it as a fun little popcorn-flick on it's own merits. I stopped worrying about how it was supposed to fit with the older stuff, took it for its own thing, and moved on. I still think it's more action and style over substance and story, but that's okay; sometimes that's all someone needs out of a movie.
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