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Re: exterior surface markings of Kirk's Enterprise

Timo wrote: View Post
"The yellow warning color might be associated with antimatter ejection."
As always I appreciate your input. Yes, the circle might be associated with antimatter ejection, but I feel Kimble's official and accurate cutaway drawing of the TMP Enterprise suggests an assembly of the antimatter pods that would better fit inside the T-hatch on the TOS Enterprise in TOS retro style. And from where do you think does the TOS Enterprise launch satellites and probes? The Enterprise is foremost a ship of space exploration, not space combat.

Timo wrote: View Post
"We know from "Errand of Mercy" that there are antimatter bottles in or near Decks 10-11, and these could well be assumed to serve the photon torpedo system located in that area."
Yes, but the disruptor hits of the Klingon scout do visibly impact on the underside of the saucer hull, not the engineering hull. Which reminds me, that I did not address the other grey panel below the forward inspection door which probably does serve the purpose to take antimatter balls (like this: ?) onboard for the photon torpedo system (it could also serve as an egress hatch for burials "at space" given the many windows surrounding it. )

Timo wrote: View Post
"The yellow dorsal rectangle aft of the bridge might warn about the antimatter stores of a putative aft torpedo launcher, or then of the dorsal forward torpedo launchers so eagerly suggested by Franz Joseph."
Please forgive, but I consider anything that comes from Franz Joseph Schnaubelt - who said about himself "I've never been a fan of the show" and "I've never bothered with science fiction, and I've never bothered with Star Trek."
and whose knowledge about the world of Star Trek was about 10% of what an average fan knows - unremarkable.

Timo wrote: View Post
"Then again, the trapezoids appear to feature visible "hinges" at the stems, or at least have double lines there as opposed to single lines to the sides."
You got a point that the Enterprise should have sensing and scanning capabilities loacated at the underside of the saucer when orbiting over a planet (not just photo- or astrographic imaging capability suggested by the 3 underside windows port and starboard) and those "hinges" could just be for that. Any hinge mechanisms would most likely be inside and most hatches could just be sliding space doors that separate in the middle.

Timo wrote: View Post
"The putative hatches outlined in the nacelles can't open unless the nacelles are separated from the pylons; the lines in the saucer don't encircle any sort of a hatch."
To me it appears to be a cover panel that has been cut to fit near the support pylons. And because of that it suggests that it may have something to do with locking or unlocking the nacelle from the pylon.

Timo wrote: View Post
"Perhaps red, another alert color, just indicates that a person or vehicle approaching is to stay clear of the marked area or direction? That is, the radiation flux from the nacelles might be particularly intense around the upper stems of the pylons."
My understanding of radiation emission is that it would emanate in a circular, not rectangular fashion.

Timo wrote: View Post
"And the sensors of the saucer might have particularly strong radiation lobes towards the aft sectors marked by the red arches. Or the arches may denote the hazard posed by the nacelle ramscoop thingamabobs in line with the red markers - thingamabobs colored red themselves, in idle mode!."
Or the red curved lines indicate an area that requires a decontamination sweep at the service station? After all, these are close or below the impulse deck and tritium as a nuclear fusion reactant is highly radioactive.

Timo wrote: View Post
"As for "cargo transporter", we did see a unique transporter room being used for the sole purpose of transporting cargo in "Dagger of the Mind" - a room with a special exposed circuit panel at the back wall, perhaps reflecting the utilitarian-over-pleasant approach to transporting non-complaining loads. This transporter appeared to deliver its load to Deck 14 or below (as this is where we next see the stowaway who got aboard with the load), well matching the idea of cargo being stored on the lower decks."
I thought the transporter room with the ladder in "The Cage" to be even more unique but also feel it's somewhere near the cargo deck. My concern is that the TMP cargo containers (converted into roof covers by Khan and company on Ceti Alpha V) are too tall to fit on the transporter platform (the transporter room door is no issue if the background wall of the transporter platform is just a partition).

Timo wrote: View Post
"The off-white isn't exactly a high-visibility marking in this context, so it might ill serve as an approach aid for auxiliary craft. There aren't any associated guidance lights, either, unlike with the stern shuttlebay. This might significantly complicate something as "regular" as cargo loading."
Then it may just be for cargo unloading. One thing is that the Enterprise (like in TMP) takes cargo containers onboard. This is the maiden flight of the new Enterprise but in normal service how does the ship get rid of all the empty cargo containers?

Here is a picture of the TOS 4-footer model:

What I really do like about this shot is that it shows us the actual location of the ion pod attached to the bottom of the Enterprise in a similar style like the F-117 Remora in "Executive Decision"

But notice that the long I-shaped hatch here is not grey but white (just like the bottom markings of the transwarp Enterprise-A). This could indicate we are looking at the freight loading hatch.

Anyway, considering Matt Jefferies felt the Enterprise to be "the first bird" of the 17th design series, the white square - dropping cargo containers or else - indeed could have characteristics of a rectum (and I'm not going into the significance of the white color in such a context).

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