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Re: Futureproofing (for viewing) the next Trek TV series

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3. Technical end. Not much to do here. The end result of all these advancments will be VR. No series is designed for this as of yet. I also think that someday, there will be an attempt made to make ST XI 3-D to keep it consistent with all future movies. They might also go back and try to make the series 3-D. Don't be surprised if they release TNG 3-D 10 years after TNG HD.
Until 3D is like a mini holodeck in your living room I'm not going to bother with it

Good stories should never really date, so long as they aren't a blatant rip-off of current events (like Lord Garth mentioned with TUC, a film that I too like). Make them about the characters and people will watch for the human/Vulcan/Andorian/etc drama of it all.

Special effects and that will always be out of date a year after an episode airs as new techniques and what not are developed and made more affordable, there is no way around that.
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