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Re: SONS OF ANARCHY tv series disscussions and comments

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Well I kinda like seeing Clay take his lumps, for too long he's sort of been cock of the MC walk. He says jump, people jump. Now he's the one that has to take the orders and basically is the only one to growl some words of contradiction or warning to Jax.

I do see a lot of Clay and Gemma in Jax and Tara. Tara has slowly been turning to a far more educated and devious Gemma. But I do like that Jax has a focus, that he's not the "I'm gonna fuck this club as soon as I can." sorta punk he was earlier. Granted he's still trying to find an exit, but I think he realizes that the club is all he really has besides Tara and his kids and now with Opie gone, he's really only got his MC "brothers" to lean on.

I do think eventually we'll see the Sons fold or slowly dissolve away. Maybe it'll come to a point where Jax is in a position to say "Anyone who wants to stay with me, can stay with me, but... the club's done. Too much blood, too much hurt, too many dead brothers. Let's just move past all the shit." I could really see the series finale being the Sons of Anarchy sign coming down off the club house and being burned in the BBQ pit, kuttes being tossed on the fire and then a flash forward to an older Able and Thomas on their first Harley's riding with their old man, Gemma riding with Jax and the ghosts of JT and Opie riding beside them. Then finish with a ghostly reaper coming out of Jax's back onto his plain black kutte. Jax making some monologue about "The Sons of Anarchy may be over, but the Sons of Teller... our ride never ends." or something equally melodramatic. Then cut to the SONS rings back on JT's grave, along with the President patch. Finally... a fade to the reaper as every episode had ended.

I know it's not par for the series, but I really would like to see Jax and his family make it out of all this alive and know that the whole series told us everything we needed to know about the Last Days of SAMCRO. Which I think was what Sutter wanted to call the series, something like The Rise and Fall of SAMCRO. I think he said he really would like to do a prequel series, with a young JT, Gemma and Clay - even though we sorta know the story - it would be interesting to see the path it took getting there. But I really think it should only be like a 3 season show. I doubt they could pad that out into 5 or 6 seasons like SOA
I agree. The show should be only a three or a four-season show. Anymore is pushing it and stretching things out needlessly. I do see the fall of SAMCRO in the series end. The entire series seems to be building to that. I think the fall began slowly many years ago when Clay and Gemma plotted to kill JT. Ever since then, the foundation of the club has been eroding with secrets, lies, corruption, and greed. Jax wants to save the club by putting it on a new path but what he doesn't see is that the club is damaged beyond repair and the only way to save it is to let it die.
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