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Re: 7X05 The Angels Take Manhattan (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

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Unfortunately Who as a show falls apart if you think about it too much, I used to think it should have rules and canon, but now I understand what Paul Cornell said all those years ago, it's just impossible.

The only solution that works is that the Doctor percieves things differently, I'm not a huge fan of The Waters of Mars, but I think that cemented in my mind this notion that the Doctor sees some things as immutable, there are things that are set in stone and things that aren't. The Hungry Earth is one that wasn't set in stone, the end of Angels, quite literally, was.
I totally agree with that point of they can't have a set of hard and fast rules or the show just doesn't work. Like I don't give a shit that the chronovores or whatever they were called don't show up every time there's a paradox. I don't care that sometimes a paradox will rip open the universe and need a TARDIS to sustain one without that happening and other times they just have 10 paradoxes in a row to make a fun episode. But what bothers me is they throw about "This is a fixed point." "We know this so it has become fixed in our timelines" so much, so often, even within the same episode that they then ignore it in.

The Doctor perceives time in such a way as he can tell, fair enough, but how come he can then ignore and trick his way round it to save his own life, but not to work round this? How come knowing Reinette died without seeing him means he can't go back again, but Amy seeing herself and Rory on that hill top doesn't have to happen? They saw it for themselves? It just leave it all ringing hollow and leaves me with nothing really holding my interest. In much the same way the shifts in Voyager's character's personalities and everything else left Voyager being so unsatisfying.
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