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Re: Who would you like to portray the 12th doctor?

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If you're suggesting that age makes a person a questionable choice than I can't agree.
I don't think he's saying that, he's making the point that given Stewart is in his early seventies now in 2/3 years time he'll be about 75, and however good shape he's in, I've heard Smith, Tennant and Eccleson comment on how tiring a filming schedule Who is. There's no way a man in his mid seventies could handle it.

And bear in mind that at 75 he'd be 20 years older than Hartnell was when he took the role!
Peter Davison was on three different series while he was the Doctor and Jon Pertwee was in his 50s during his run and didn't miss an ep. as far as I know. I think the main reason the show is harder for them to do now is because they're trying to cram 14 eps. in 13 eps. schedule.
Yes but Davison was 29! Also there was only crossover at the begining of his run wasn't there? And, correct me if I'm wrong, weren't they ensemble sitcoms meaning he probably had a lot of flexibility?

As for Pertwee, well he was only 50, we're talking about a 75 year old here, admittedly a 75 year old who seems in really good health and damn good shape, but still, someone who's a quarter of a century older than Pertwee.
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