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Re: Firefly/Serenity

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The mix of comedy and drama was spot on and really ahead of its time because now the shows on tv are all like that pretty much.
Er... no. The West Wing, to take but one example, expertly melded comedy and drama starting in '99. But by Enterprise's/late-Smallville's (extremely low) standards, sure, it had some good dialogue.

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Maybe Joss Whedon will get sick of being asked about it and finally just do it.
You're probably half-joking, but I find this attitude kinda creepy. It's Whedon's creation, and he doesn't owe anybody any more of it.

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Unfortunately, TV have been so so diminished in the past ten years that a show like Firefly probably wouldn't even air today.
Actually, most critics think that TV has never offered more quality offerings.

Firefly hits a very specific stylistic sweet spot for a pretty small number of people (see Serenity's mediocre performance), and it's great that people enjoy it. But there are shows out there with much better writing, acting, and deeper maturity; those shows just don't tend to involve spaceships. At its core, Firefly, like Enterprise and Smallville, was a fluffy popcorn program, with a budget that was almost certainly never sustainable to begin with.
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