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Re: Episode of the Week: Haven

This is peculiar. Wyatt has been having these visions since he was a child and draws her obsessively, but either has never told his parents about her or has never shown them the drawings.
I'd rather expect this. It's clearly an important and personal thing to him...

Or then the parents politely stop short of commenting that their son's artwork doesn't exactly catch the looks of the supposed subject.

What makes them so sure that there’s anybody alive on that ship, let alone that they’re Tarellians?
I seriously doubt anybody else would opt to operate a ship that looked like a Tarellian plague ship. It would be no good for an honest traveler or trader, and a nefarious character could not accomplish much with it, either.

And they had starships?
Purchasing starships is probably pretty simple if your world has something to offer in exchange. And we have seen that things as "primitive" as local alcohol may be important exports. A mix of primitive and advanced has never been unusual in Trek, and the early TNG had lots of that (Ligon II and Angel I are but two examples).

Troi should encourage his parents to be hopeful, not to despair.
Why? A pessimist can be happily surprised. Being hopeful for naught is hell.

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