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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

MatthiasRussell wrote: View Post
The "development" of Janeway returning doesn't have to be bad or a step backwards. I didn't like it when Worf was back in the TNG setting. I thought he was regressing, especially since he was an ambassador. But it has worked well for the character and the series. Look at how many characters DRG III is returning to DS9; it feels like a regression to me but I'm glad to see my favorite characters in a situation where they can have some well written stories. Is DS9 returning back to the series status quo? Certainly not. Both DS9 and Voyager just crossed lines into new eras where they CAN go terribly wrong but I trust the writers of both series enough to not let us down. On the other hand, Enterprise just ended an era where I think it will lie dead for a long time.
Don;t get me started on ENT - the Relaunch novels were not to my liking, though they had quite a bit of potential. I agree that we may have seen the last of ENT for the foreseeable future.

IMO DS9 is quite far from the TV series, cast and setting-wise. VOY, OTOH and from what I understand, is back in the DQ with its full cast (sans Tuvok for now at least).

AuntKate wrote: View Post
I agree that Janeway's return from the Q Continuum doesn't have to be necessarily bad or good. Beyer has shown that she is more than capable of developing the other characters--and there is nothing to indicate that they would regress just because Janeway returns. In fact, when Janeway was present in the first half of Full Circle, she didn't dominate the plot in any way, and I don't see that she would have to do so in future novels.
I have nothing against Beyer's ability to develop the cast of characters - far from it. It's just that the very idea of reverting the setting (if not the series proper) to an earlier status quo (whether caused by fan reaction, editorial demand or other reasons entirely) doesn't make me want to follow the Janeway-led VOY arc/s.

I don't presume to know the reasons for this development, and I suspect we'll never get the full story on this, I just don't like the character of Janeway and the VOY stories I read with her in charge.

That's not to say that if I come across an interesting premise for a VOY novel, I'll boycott it - that would be stupid IMO. Just where once I followed Beyer's VOY novels without question, I'll now be a more discerning customer.
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