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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

In 2387, the Hobus star went supernova, destroying Romulus and sending the Romulan Star Empire into disarray. In an offer of friendship, Starfleet dispatched Bravo Fleet's Task Force 93 to Romulan space to aid relief efforts. Shrewder elements within Starfleet, however, saw it another way: it was a perfect opportunity to collect information and influence affairs within the Empire, as never before has there been such open access to Romulan space.

This is the context in which the USS Enigma, an Ares-class vessel, has been commissioned into Bravo Fleet's Task Force 93. Officially, its role is to assist the tenuous Romulan government with dissident factions. Unofficially, however, its darker purpose is to gather intelligence on the Empire and conduct covert operations to ensure that the next era of the Empire is one favorable to the Federation.

With such a mandate, the USS Enigma is no ordinary commission. Beyond general starship operations, the rest of the standard crew compliment has been foregone in favor of a cross-discipline Starfleet Intelligence Special Operations detachment. Instead of a Marine detachment, it carries an Operations unit with teams prepared for direct engagements and unconventional operations such as surveillance, infiltration and interrogation; instead of a Diplomatic Corps unit, it includes a Negotiations Unit equipped not only to handle diplomatic affairs but also to perform behavioral analysis and handle hostage negotiations; and instead of the Strategic Operations, Intelligence, and Science departments, it has an Analysis Unit that bridges the three disciplines to offer comprehensive operational assessment and planning.

Ever wonder about the darker side of Starfleet? The Enigma is looking for creative writers interested in being part of one such story. As it is just getting underway, it has many senior positions available, so please feel free to check out our sim details and upcoming missions and, if you're interested, submit an application today!
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