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Re: mclea1mm - Intrepid Class

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Interesting question - given that the end result is supposed to be a low-poly game asset, I don't expect it to hold up super well for close-ups. So it may not be worth the effort.

Still, for the larger, detailed windows, I think I'll probably experiment with that and see if I can get some rooms in there. The typical smaller windows won't have rooms, even though I've found it pretty impossible to lend them any impression of depth by just painting them. I think the key there will be to experiment with subtle variations in color, and in the amount of output in the glow map, for each window.
The original Voyager model, that is, the actual physical production miniature, was treated similarly. The larger square shaped windows had slides behind them of the sets taken from where the windows were on set. The slides were mounted about 1/4" (IIRC) behind the window glazing. But the other narrower windows were just lit white. The windows are the best give-away to if you're watching the physical model Voyager or the CGI Voyager as every window had something behind it on the CGI ship.

(Also, the windows on the stern of the ship are a dead give-away. They are dark on the practical ship as that was where the motor hardware was to raise and lower the nacelles, but lit on the CGI model, because, well, they could be.)

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