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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

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That's a myth that was largely promoted by Enlightenment age philosophers, authors, and historians. Science never went backwards, and many of the technological principles developed in the Greek and Roman empires continued to be used and improved upon; never mind the arrogance of thinking science and technology ended at the borders of the Roman Empire --The Middle East, India, China, and the empires of the Americas produced countless advancements as well.
Piggybacking on your and SG17's points, this myth also implicitly depends on ignoring the fact that the Roman Empire continued for another 1000 years.

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They could say that magic fairies came and sucked all of the electricity up their asses and I would just shrug my shoulders and go back to watching the current story play out.
Pretty much my feelings. I'm really not all that interested in explaining why the power went out or the technical details on how they might turn it back on. It's the characters and the setting we have now that got me interested in the first place.
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