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Re: Peanuts movie coming to theaters in 2015

the G-man wrote: View Post
Pick up any U.S. newspaper. Look at the comics page. Shudder at the terrible, terrible, "legacy" strips being churned out by the progeny of the original creators: Blondie, Beetle Bailey, For Better or For Worse, Shoe, Hagar the Horrible, etc.
Well, I wouldn't know. I haven't read the newspaper "funny pages" in years.

Mr. Adventure wrote: View Post
I really liked Peanuts as a kid, especially the holiday specials which I still enjoy, but I'm not sure how much appeal it has now that so much has changed since those days.
I can just see the new, "edgy" Peanuts movie: Linus finally gets therapy for his blanket obsession. Lucy gets a life coach to help improve her personality. Charlie Brown attempts suicide. Snoopy gets euthanized.
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