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Re: Firefly/Serenity

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So, I just recently finished up Firefly and Serenity for the first time, my first thought is wow!
Welcome to 10 years ago!

Damn.. it's been 10 years now that one of the best shows ever aired and was cut down mercilessly

I remember sitting down to see the "pilot" (which was actually the 2nd episode in the chronological and originally intended order but Fox execs thought the pilot was too slow and lacked action so they had to scramble and come up with the more action oriented 2nd episode) and being all giddy to see Joss' new show (back then i had no clue who most of the actors were.. i barely recognized Ron Glass /Shepherd Book from earlier roles but i had seen Adam Baldwin previously).

It was cool as hell and funny up until the point where Mal has a change of heart, returns the stolen goods and then talks to the big goon, giving a Star Trek style morality speech and the goon responding in the typical cliche hard guy manner. I groaned because it was so bad.. and then it happened.

Mal kicked the guy into Serenity's engine and killed him! I nearly fell out of my chair.. totally surprised and speechless!

Right at this moment i knew i was watching greatness come to life and probably the best show Joss has ever started. Had i seen the original pilot i would have expected such an action.. Mal didn't have any problem killing a bad guy or protecting his crew by killing an armed man but since the true pilot hadn't aired i didn't know about this character trait.

Back then i came off Enterprise and Voyager and was a little bit sick of Star Trek with its shiny, clean stories and morality.. it just didn't feel real anymore and didn't engage and connect me to the show anymore.

Firefly was truly a fresh breath and i watched it religiously and spread the word.. i can claim to have gotten at least a dozen people to buy the DVD sets and none of them has ever regretted it.

I'm a huge Castle fan (any Nathan Fillion fan should check it out.. it's also a brilliant and funny show) but Nathan Fillion has repeatedly stated that Firefly holds a special place with him and is his favorite show he ever starred in (causing a bit of ruckuss over on the Castle board i frequent ) and i can't fault him.
All the outtakes, interviews, backstage films and such point to an amazing working environment that really welded the cast together and made them a family and that's rare in showbusiness.

There doesn't go by any month where i don't pull out the occasional episode and go back in time to relive one of the best shows ever.
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