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Ian Keldon
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Re: My homebrew kitbashes

Surprisingly small if we assume that's a standard bridge dome and use the accepted 3m nominal deck height (figures rounded):

L - 487m (not including nacelle length)
W- 204m
H - 84m (keel to top, not including the upper nacelle)

The classic G has the following dimensions (length from official sources, other measurements extrapolated):

L - 1853m
W- 768m
H - 272m

The nuG has the following dimensions (measurements from production sources:

L - 1438.64m
W- 536.84m
H - 183.32m

Here's someone's reconstruction of various original G scales compared to a Connie

Here's a bonus...I had a few minutes and decided to copy the original a little more closely on the flight pods:

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