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Re: What would you have liked to have seen during the Dominion war?

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Proper soldiers / ground forces. Like MACOs or something similar.

Also: any time that combat is imminent, several of said troopers should be visible stationed in the bridge and other critical areas of starships (and ops on DS9), armed and ready to defend against boarding actions.

I agree, though I would extend this to include general security personnel that actually wear some sort of uniform and gear beyond the mere Starfleet uniform. Something that offers some level of protection above simple fabric, and carries gear one might need to actually deal with a security threat.

How many times did we see Worf and his security teams get theirs but handed to them, while showing up to deal with a security threat with little more than a phaser and a tricorder. I mean come on. You don't send cops into a bank to deal with a robber, armed with just their standard uniform, their side arm, and a flashlight. You send a SWAT team.

Ships security shouldn't be handled by regular Starfleet personnel and shouldn't be a secondary duty of the Tactical officer. Both are critical positions and should be independent departments aboard almost every ship.
If they're going to pull ideas and traditions from the navy, than create a separate depart of security forces, like the MACO's or a group of Marines that have no other job than to defend the ship and ensure the safety of those aboard it...meaning they go on away missions as well.
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