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Re: Paramount IP enforcement, has it hit any productions yet?

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And why wouldn't you post a letter with information that would be applicable to everyone? or at least the issues that needed being addressed. There is no confidentiality you would be breaking, and in fact you would be helping the community.
I would rather not spell out the details of what was clearly a private letter to me as Executive Producer/Creator of Project: Potemkin, especially when the details addressed items specifically connected with the website.

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I already called Mallory and will be posting any information I receive that will be useful to everyone.
That's fine, Alec. That can be your decision. But it's not going to be mine.

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Why would he post a letter that was sent to Potemkin? On what grounds would it be considered "applicable to everyone" ?
Thanks, Double-oh. M. Levitt's letter was addressed specific problems CBS Studios/Legal had with our website, and with soliciting donations through PayPal. We addressed all their concerns quickly, and were in compliance by the evening of the same day.

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The problem is, as I see it, that no two situations are going to be the same. There simply can't (and won't) be a single document that will govern all fan films equally, because Paramount/CBS isn't a governing body, it's a corporation. If one fan film gets away with something, good for them. It doesn't necessarily follow though that if Paramount cracks down on you (the general you) that they will do same on everyone else.
Quite true. We're also in a different position than a lot of productions based on our website, setting, costuming, etc. We've been given certain restrictions we have chosen to abide by. But obviously not everyone else has. Be glad for that.

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They can do whatever they want in this department and we have to just like it or love it.
Or choose to give them reason to send the Cease and Desist.

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We've never had any communication with Paramount or CBS, though they are aware of us. I take that as a fairly positive sign.
I would, too!
Potemkin Pictures
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