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Re: What If It All Went Nu?

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Romulus is still there. It's Vulcan that's gone. Vulcans have always been emotional. (Spock especially), there was a spark between Spock and Uhura back in TOS, I'll give you the last one. Though McCoy is the only person who seems to go from cadet to (Lt) Commander. But being a doctor its not unusual.

Why wouldn't people drive cars in the 23rd Century and why would they stop being rude? Rude wasn't unknown in TOS. One might find examples in almost every episode.
Sorry, it was Vulcan, I'm still trying to wrap my head around this movie.

I'll give Mccoy being promoted, because it can happen with medical students out of the academy.

Kirk and the others going from mid cadet to captain--which basically a Colonel, is a little too much to believe.

Spock starts off emotional right off the bat, because he's involved in a pretty intense relationship with Uhura--and no explanation why, other than they're in a relationship.

I like it when Vulcan stay Vulcans and be logical. That's part of their mystique. Every once in a while, they can be emotional due to some crazy situation, but usually they're without emotion.

That's what made Spock interesting.

Given the idea that Vulcans are supposed to have no emotion, how many times do we see Tpal almost naked in a sexually situation, Tuvok nearly going crazy, and Vulcans doing illogical things..

With the car thing, TOS's Kirk was totally unfamiliar with automobiles--Trek frequently tried to show that vehicles didn't use wheels anymore.

The rude thing--the way TNG and TOS saw it, humans talk their way out of conflicts, fighting is for savage people, and humans live in a near Utopian society.

I certainly agree that 24th century people can be just as rude as anyone, but they went on record as clearly distinguishing their behavior from 20th century humans for example.

IMO, Nu Trek is clearly a different Trek continuity from the other series. That's how they'll probably have to format it.
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