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The Void

Sure is quiet in here..

And now, for actual content..

Mess Hall

NEELIX: For her third course, luhvian quail in truffle sauce served with roasted chadre kab.
JANEWAY: My compliments to the chef.
ALL: Hear, hear.
SEVEN: Thank you, Captain.
TORRES: Cream of leola soup, fettran risotto, luhvian quail. It just keeps getting better.
JANEWAY: I knew you'd been expanding your palate but I didn't realise you'd become a gourmet cook.
SEVEN: Preparing meals myself is the best way to ensure quality.
NEELIX: I suppose I should be insulted but everything is so delicious I may just have to admit defeat and hang up my apron.
PARIS: No, that'd be a real tragedy, Neelix.
NEELIX: Pinot noir, Commander?
CHAKOTAY: I'll have another glass of the Chardonnay.
SEVEN: Each course has been paired with a specific wine. Substitutions are not recommended.

This degustation style dinner amuses me. I'm wondering where 7 got her wine pairings from, it's not like there's a Wine Guide to Delta Quadrant Cuisine in the databanks. I'm thinking the fettran risotto probably had some leek, tuber or other lower key vegetable featuring so as to make it and the Chardonnay a lead in to the punchier quail and Pinot.

Here's a picture of the quail with truffle sauce. I'm thinking Seven got a bit carried away with the poppy seed decor which just makes the truffle sauce ribbon around the presentation look messy. The carrot looks like it's being served to a rabbit.

I do like 7's approach to hapless diners though.. she's the creator so they'd best suck it up and stop tweaking her vision to suit themselves.

PARIS: Is there any salt?
SEVEN: Additional seasoning is not required.

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