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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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Those clips from Won't get Fooled Again seemed to be from some mediocre episode of scrubs. Seeing hallucination stuff like that is just annoying. Not neccessarily because its goofy, but because it just doesn't fit. Its like if an episode of Scrubs (I know I keep mentioning Scrubs, but its the best example I can think of) was just 22 minutes of JD's daydreams, with nothing actually happening. Thats what my problem with those clips were (that and the fact that they weren't very funny), they weren't a story. They were unfunny skits, like the stuff you'd see from Saturday Night Live, but even less humorous. When I said Farscape was serious, I didn't mean in the way that B5 or DS9 is serious. I just meant that the stories are usually stories, not a bunch of random scenes that have nothing to do with anything.
WGFA does tell a story. It's just that the story happens to be about mental torture, that's all. In fact, one review I read calls it the most pivotal episode of the entire second season.

Those crazy scenes posted earlier are from the portion of the episode after its cohesion has begun to degrade but prior to when it reaches a point of outright cruelty. It's a progression which works very well in context but can leave one cold in isolation.
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