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Re: TNG Characters in the JJ-Verse

Just to get them out of the way since they've already been mentioned and I agree: Guinan and Data (Data Prime's head - I find the idea of the inevitability of his creation to be unlikely, unless it ends up being DUE to the discovery of Data Prime's head). Now to the rest....

Akorem Laan, the Bajoran poet, was inside the wormhole during the changes to the timeline, assuming they began with Nero's arrival. (I'm unconvinced.)

Armus, from the TNG episode "Skin of Evil", because we don't know when it originated and I hate you all.

Morgan Bateson - Born right around the time Nero showed up, unlikely to have been significantly effected during his formative years.

Gabriel Bell still existed back in 2024 and still presumably looks like Ben Sisko in historical information.

The Borg Queen obviously already exists.

L.Q. "Sonny" Clemonds is presumably still cryogenically frozen on a satellite.

The origin and general behavior of the Crystalline Entity may not have been effected significantly.

The Dax symbiont almost certainly exists, but Emony (3rd host) or Audrid (4th host) might or might not be the last host chosen consistent to the Prime timeline since the odds of divergence would go up significantly beginning with Emony.

Amelia Earhart is apparently frozen in the Delta Quadrant.

Dixon Hill might still be a known fictional character, since nothing ever said when the adventures that the holodeck programs were based on were written.

Mr. Homm, Lwaxana Troi's manservant - little enough is known about him (not even the name of his species), so who can say how old he was or whether his birth or the significant events of his developmental years would have been altered much?

Felisa Howard, Dr. Crusher's grandmother was born in 2201 and would presumably still exist along with her creepy candle-based lover Ronin.

Ralph Offenhouse is presumably still cryogenically frozen on a satellite.

Onaya is probably still travelling the stars inspiring artists.

Pardek was born around the time Nero arrived in 2233, and so would almost certainly be at least genetically the same.

The Chateau Picard wine label would already exist.

The Adventures of Captain Proton were a sci-fi serial in the 1930s, and would still be part of the history of the nuUniverse.

Clare Raymonds is presumably still cryogenically frozen on a satellite.

Cyrus Redblock might still be a known fictional character, since nothing ever said when the Dixon Hill adventures that the holodeck programs were based on were written.

Rain Robinson still worked for SETI in the nuUniverse's past.

Henry Starling would still have found a 29th century timeship and founded Chronowerx Industries in the 20th century - and interacted with the Voyager Prime crew.

Tolian Soran has not yet been driven genocidal by the Nexus, but presumably already lives.

The Tox Uthat (admittedly not a character, but still worth note) is presumably still hidden on Risa.

Mark Twain would still have interacted with Guinan and the crew of the Enterprise-D Prime in the history of the nuUniverse.

Kevin Uxbridge, presumably under some other name, still lives in the nu timeline, and is coming to wipe our YOUR species.

Weyoun had been cloned many times. Depending on how many times, and the longevity of each clone, he may have been around. Sorta.

Colonel Worf - Birth may have taken place between Nero's arrival in 2233 and the events of Star Trek '09 without significant enough disturbance to effect his genetics. Might be a completely different character, but would mostly still look like Dorn, providing for the interesting (to me, anyway) possibility of him playing a surrogate for one of the classic Klingon adversaries like Kang or Koloth.

Tasha Yar and her sister will probably still exist more or less the same up until the Federation makes contact, assuming that Memory Beta information is correct about the Turkana IV colony's origin and that none of the other nuUniverse changes interacted with them significantly. (YMMV, obviously.) This wouldn't probably matter until the TNG era, unless time travel were involved.

There is no definitive age data on Grand Nagus Zek, but he certainly looks like he could've already been born in 2233.

And of course, characters native to the Gamma and especially the Delta Quadrant stand a fair chance of being unchanged, and the Q could cause interaction between whomever they want.
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