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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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Farscape's second season has been a bit rough, but its picking up now,
How can you say that when you haven't WATCHED... oh, never mind....

I just can't do this thread anymore.
Of season 2, I completely skipped Taking the Stone, the Princess Trilogy, Beware of Dog, Won't get Fooled Again and A Clockwork Nebari. If you count Cracker's Dont Matter (where I didn't skip but heavily fast forwarded) thats 7 episodes out of 22. Thats more than I would prefer, and more than season 1, but I will still end up watching about 2/3 of the season.

When I was talking about farscape being serious and not liking the dreamlike stuff, I think I need to clarify. I'm ok with some goofy stuff, and humor. But, it needs to actually be a story, with context. Those clips from Won't get Fooled Again seemed to be from some mediocre episode of scrubs. Seeing hallucination stuff like that is just annoying. Not neccessarily because its goofy, but because it just doesn't fit. Its like if an episode of Scrubs (I know I keep mentioning Scrubs, but its the best example I can think of) was just 22 minutes of JD's daydreams, with nothing actually happening. Thats what my problem with those clips were (that and the fact that they weren't very funny), they weren't a story. They were unfunny skits, like the stuff you'd see from Saturday Night Live, but even less humorous. When I said Farscape was serious, I didn't mean in the way that B5 or DS9 is serious. I just meant that the stories are usually stories, not a bunch of random scenes that have nothing to do with anything.

Now, for the episode I just watched:

Liars, Guns and Money Part 2 (Farscape) - Another good episode. Scorpius getting D'Argo's son was something I assumed was going to happen, why else would he be in the story. I was surprised to see that the spiders from the Lost in Space movie are alive and well. I wonder if spider Dr. Smith will make an appearance I'm starting to wonder if Stark is just more trouble than he's worth, he always seems to get them into trouble, and not really help at all. Kind of like Chiana, but he's not super annoying like her. Seeing what happened to Rygel's torturer was creepy. At first it was kind of funny that Rygel got the other pirate to betray the guy. It was less funny after seeing them bring the head back to Moya Setting the fire off in Moya was intense, and the special effects of seeing it from outside the ship was pretty cool. It was a bit lame to have John just give himself to Scorpius, but now I know that scorpius wants him for his knowledge of wormholes, which I probably should have guessed, but whatever. I do wonder why he would want a wormhole, but I'm sure they'll bring that up. Overall, I enjoyed this episode.
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