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Re: NFL 2012 - Drive to Glory

Not "justifying" the cheering of his injury, but the cheering of him leaving the game! As I said, first thing that happened when the secondary got in was a touchdown! (quickly reversed due to penalty.)

Cassel has sucked ever since we started using him!

Still, it wasn't the entire stadium cheering for Cassel's injury but maybe hundreds of people, if that. Still too many, sure, but hardly evidence of any kind of problem. You get 50-70,000 people together in one place chances are you're going to get some assholes in there willing to cheer for an injury.

I'll admit when he was pulled out of the game I was glad. Not that he was injured and did hope the best for him, but I was also hoping his injury was enough to keep him out for a while to give our secondary a chance. Hell, if he's out for the rest of his season or even his career I'm happy. I don't think he's a good quarterback.

I don't want him injured, brain damaged, or severely hampered I just don't want him starting anymore.
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