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Re: Men: How Much Body Hair Do You Have?

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Moderately hairy. Though it took a while to "kick in". My feet are unusually hairy, My brother suspects Hobbit ancestry.
I also have hairy feet and toes, which is odd since I hardly have any body hair at all -- even my leg hair grows fine and fair, like my arm hair. I like my hairy feet, I think they're cute. My mom is under 5 foot tall, and has loads of curly hair, so I think there is definitely some Hobbit on her side.

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You are correct, sir. That is indeed the PERFECT amount.
It's funny because, even in these days when the smooth look is more fashionable, Tom Selleck's manbush always elicits a few sighs from the ladies.
That's because he's the right amount of "manly" to pull that look off. Not easily done.

Anyway, there has indeed been poetry on the subject:
If asked if I know what follicles I'd grow
Were I to be "King of Panache"
It would sprout out my nose
In hairy little rows
Just like Tom Selleck's booshy moostache!
Tom's hair-covered lip, it just makes me flip
And prone to a horny heat rash
It's woolly and thick
Like a caterpillar's dick
I adore Seleck's booshy moostache!
Other 'staches I've seen, in the places I've been
Look just like Mike Farrall's from M*A*S*H
I despise that man's face
It lacks the beauty and grace
Of Tom Selleck's booshy moostache!
And what about Prince? Oh, don't make me wince
His looks like a wimpy eyelash!
It lacks the weight and girth
Of the best fur on earth
Known as Tom Selleck's booshy moostache!
O! I'd bash, I'd smash, I'd pay cold, hard cash
I'd gnash succotash and huff hash!
I'd marry white trash
I'd thrash Johnny Cash
For a splash of Tom's booshy moostache!
But I haven't the hair to grace my lip there
And so all my dreams must be dashed
My nose shall never feel
The tickly, prickly appeal...of Tom Selleck's booshy Moustache!
-Steven Humphrey

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