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Re: Doctor Who style Trek?

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All the characters should come and go, that's what makes it realistic for the military.
But Starfleet isn't a...
Don't start that!

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But with Doctor Who you have the anchor character of the Doctor. Sure he's played by different actors, but he's still the Doctor. And by him being the Doctor you can revisit past characters and settings and play off those relationships.
That's what I don't want, I want a large cast where you can't really tell who the lead character is and nobody is safe. Make it dangerous and unpredictable! The characters are supposed to be in a risky profession, the show should deal with that honestly for a change.

Star Trek doesn't need an anchor character because Starfleet is the anchor character. That's why there could be several series which have all-new characters and no or only minor overlap. But Star Trek without Starfleet is hard to envision.
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