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Re: What happens if someone from the past shows up...

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Poor Chekov (et al.). Just think of all the jaywalking and trespassing they did back in 20th century San Francisco! McCoy even impersonated a doctor (sort of)! And what about Gillian Taylor? Did she ever have parking tickets? Did she shoplift a chocolate bar when she was a little kid?

Damn, you're cruel to your characters.
And I hear Kirk let some poor woman be hit a truck. Surely that qualifies as negligent homicide or something . . .
Also, Kirk and Spock stole clothes, assaulted a police officer, Spock stole tools... At least McCoy losing his phaser didn't matter this time, since it was disintegrated along with the bum.

But it's totally McCoy's fault that all that milk and broken glass ended up on the street. I don't blame the bum for being scared and dropping it; how else would somebody feel when a raving lunatic suddenly appears out of thin air?

I never realized what a degenerate bunch of people my favorite crew is!
And something worse happened, didn't it? They cancelled Star Trek and put on lost in Space or whatever.
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