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Re: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

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As for the limits, I think that's why it's a demo. They don't want you to start thinking of it as a replacement for the game itself. And, while they could have cut out the cut scenes, the last cut scene was the perfect teaser for "buy this game."
The problem with the demo was that it wasn't even all of the tutorial stuff - there are 2 more tutorial missions in the final game, so it's not like there wasn't a bit more material they could use.

I'm starting to get really pissed with Amazon. Both my copy of XCOM and a Blu-Ray have been stuck in Shipping Soon hell, which is particularly infuriating because the blu-ray is supposed to be delivered tomorrow... and it's got 2 day shipping, so unless the distribution center is like within a day's drive, there's no way they can keep their promise to get my stuff to me on time no matter how long "Shipping Soon" is.
Which is why last time i cancelled my Mass Effect 3 order despite the promise to get it to me on release day.. bought it in the store at a very slightly higher price.

Very pumped for this game but unfortunately money is tight this month since i have to pay some bigger and more important bills but come November i'll be kicking some alien ass!

Only one thing to decide.. Xbox or PC (usually i'd prefer PC for strategy games but this one is a rare turn based game so i guess console would work too and the controls aren't that complicated.. have to check out the XBox demo to form a good opinion).
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