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Re: Heck Yeah Moments in Trek

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The Defiant linking up with the huge Federation/ Klingon fleet in Call to Arms.

It's the first time we see a huge Federation fleet, ready for war onscreen, the music said it all.
And the very next episode turned that on it's head by showing part of that same fleet limping home shot all to hell and back, which was very effective in grounding out the "heck yeah!" and replacing it with "Oh Crap!"
Had to admit, I didn't see that coming. There were like only 5 or something ships left in that scene .

DS9, Soldiers of the Empire--when the Klingon ship turns around and heads back towards the Jem Hadar they spotted.

They're doing this while the crew is singing this warrior song.

Another is Favor The Bold when the Federation fleet is leaving a Starbase to stop the Dominion.
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