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Re: Sons of Mogh... AWFUL ending

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How did Worf convince Julian to do the procedure without Kurn's permission? Wouldn't that be considered unethical and even illegal?
Worf was the elder brother, in Klingon medical ethical matters, that might have been all that was reverent. Bashir recognized that culturally Worf could make the decision for Kurn, without Kurn's input.
But that is just bizarre. Wiping someone's memory- that's erasing a whole lifetime and personality.

This is purely psychological, not physical. Why not medicate him or something.

Most people would be pissed if you did that to their iphone, they'd freak out if you tried to do that to their entire memory and experiences.

Julian had to just look away in one way or another in order to carry that out. There would be too many medical ethics questions, I would think.

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Picard did conveniently forget Duras murdered K'heylar on his ship when he ripped into Worf.
Interesting. A Federation Ambassador. If Worf hadn't done anything, I wonder what Picard/The Federation would have done.
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