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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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Granted, I've only just started watching Farscape (due in large part to this thread) but isn't one of the key aspects of Farscape that it never, ever takes itself too seriously? B5 - yeah that's one *serious* show. But from what little I've seen of Farscape, it seems like they weren't afraid to play around and sometimes look at things kind of sideways.

Of course, I could be completely wrong, too.

No, you're correct, Farscape is a totally different animal than most sci-fi shows (with the possible exception of Lexx) in that's it's often very tongue-in-cheek and sometimes as mad as a sack full of orangutans. Indeed, it was such a crazy show that it was downright contagious. That doesn't mean it couldn't do serious drama, because it did and very well at times.

The difference is really in the general tone and vocabulary of the show. To put it in musical terms; if B5 is an opera, then Farscape is a rock album...with a few punk tracks on the b-side.

P.S. If you start skipping episodes too, I shall disown you. I sat though all of Jeremiah based on your recommendation, even the bit with the cross dresser and the elephant damnit!

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